ProShot v5.1 for Android adds Light Painting, 60fps video and more

Good day everyone! After a long hiatus (Eddie got really sick), we're back and launching today a huge update for our Android app. This update brings back our much anticipated feature Light Painting, adds support for 60fps video at up to 4K and includes many performance enhancements and bug fixes throughout.

What is Light Painting?
Light Painting is a special mode in ProShot that allows you to paint with light. To activate, open the Drive dial and select Light Painting. From here you can select the duration of the paint, or choose infinite time. When you're ready, press the camera button to begin light painting, and press it again when you're finished. Its that easy!

60fps video
ProShot v5.1 for Android brings with it support for 60fps video. This is a feature many of you have been asking for and we're happy to finally bring it to our Android app. There is one restriction with video > 30fps on Android, and that is that manual options such as shutter speed and ISO may not be compatible. Exposure compensation, zoom and white balance adjustments still work just fine, however.

Over the next few weeks we're going to be evaluating our ProShot roadmap and will post details when its ready. Stay tuned!

Eddie KezeliComment