ProShot v3.0 for iOS is done!

Oh where to begin...

First, we are incredibly happy to announce that ProShot v3.0 for iOS is now done. It has been a long time in the making, and has gone through many iterations behind closed doors. What's new? Well, everything.

  • New camera roll, integrated into the viewfinder
  • New Light Painting mode, with two submodes
  • Added 4K video
  • Added 4K timelapse
  • Added full manual controls to the front camera
  • Added support for retina flash
  • Added bracketing modes (EXP, ISO, SHR)
  • Added real-time ISO, aperture, and shutter info
  • Added a video shortcut button
  • Added a GPS toggle
  • Increased timelapse video quality, now up to 100 Mbits/s
  • Updated UI, refined UX

And the best part? This massive update is free! We could easily charge a million bucks for it, but we won't, because we love you.

The update is currently pending Apple's approval, and should be available soon.

Eddie KezeliComment