ProShot v5.3 for Android brings fixes and performance improvements

ProShot v5.3 for Android releases today, and with it many small improvements that make for a better, faster, more stable experience. That includes better low light focus and capture performance, improved focus on older devices, a fix for an issue that caused freezes or crashes on startup, and updates to the internal libraries ProShot relies on for various features. Hope you are having a great time with ProShot, and Happy Holidays!

ProShot v5.1 for Android adds Light Painting, 60fps video and more

Good day everyone! After a long hiatus (Eddie got really sick), we're back and launching today a huge update for our Android app. This update brings back our much anticipated feature Light Painting, adds support for 60fps video at up to 4K and includes many performance enhancements and bug fixes throughout.

What is Light Painting?
Light Painting is a special mode in ProShot that allows you to paint with light. To activate, open the Drive dial and select Light Painting. From here you can select the duration of the paint, or choose infinite time. When you're ready, press the camera button to begin light painting, and press it again when you're finished. Its that easy!

60fps video
ProShot v5.1 for Android brings with it support for 60fps video. This is a feature many of you have been asking for and we're happy to finally bring it to our Android app. There is one restriction with video > 30fps on Android, and that is that manual options such as shutter speed and ISO may not be compatible. Exposure compensation, zoom and white balance adjustments still work just fine, however.

Over the next few weeks we're going to be evaluating our ProShot roadmap and will post details when its ready. Stay tuned!

Announcing: ProShot for Windows 10

We're so excited to announce that ProShot for Windows 10 is nearing completion, and it is ready to show off in full. This was a huge undertaking; every line of code from the UI to the underlying framework is brand new, and it's better, faster, and more efficient than ever before!

Some features from ProShot for Windows Phone didn't make it to Windows 10 (filters, for example), but we are always listening, and if there's enough demand, we'll find a way to bring 'em back :)

There are, however, many, many new features, including video (with customizable resolution, frame rate and bit rate, as well as live audio levels), and Light Painting, a fun new way to paint with light and see your results magically develop in real-time!

ProShot for Windows 10 feature list:

  • Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes
  • Full manual control over exposure, ISO, shutter speed and white balance
  • Normal, Bracket, Timelapse, and Video modes all with full manual controls, even during video recording
  • Light Painting (bulb) mode with Live Preview, and two submodes (Light Trail, Light Add)
  • Up to 4K Video
  • Live audio levels during video capture
  • Customizable video size, FPS and bitrate
  • Exposure bracketing
  • ISO priority and Shutter priority modes using the Auto ISO / Auto shutter settings
  • Manual focus assist
  • Full resolution image capture
  • Quick access to 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1 shooting modes
  • Front-facing camera with full manual controls, support for video
  • Zoom with just one finger
  • Real-time ISO and shutter info
  • Battery meter
  • Grid overlay
  • Horizon Level
  • Quick access to OIS, GPS and UI sounds
  • Quick reset button
  • Runs on *any* Windows 10 device with a camera, including phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and Windows 10 potato (launch TBA)

The app is just about done, but there are still a few logistics on our end that need taking care of before ProShot is ready for launch. Trust us, we're trying to push those through as quickly as we can!

Much love and see you soon!

ProShot v3.0 for iOS is done!

Oh where to begin...

First, we are incredibly happy to announce that ProShot v3.0 for iOS is now done. It has been a long time in the making, and has gone through many iterations behind closed doors. What's new? Well, everything.

  • New camera roll, integrated into the viewfinder
  • New Light Painting mode, with two submodes
  • Added 4K video
  • Added 4K timelapse
  • Added full manual controls to the front camera
  • Added support for retina flash
  • Added bracketing modes (EXP, ISO, SHR)
  • Added real-time ISO, aperture, and shutter info
  • Added a video shortcut button
  • Added a GPS toggle
  • Increased timelapse video quality, now up to 100 Mbits/s
  • Updated UI, refined UX

And the best part? This massive update is free! We could easily charge a million bucks for it, but we won't, because we love you.

The update is currently pending Apple's approval, and should be available soon.

Introducing Light Painting mode and v3.0 update for Android

 Nexus 5, ISO 400, Shutter 0.8s, Light Painting exposure 4s

Nexus 5, ISO 400, Shutter 0.8s, Light Painting exposure 4s

In our biggest Android release to date, we're thrilled to introduce Light Painting mode. With this mode you can use a simulated long exposure to capture night scenes, light trails, paint with light, or even take photos of the stars! This mode also includes a Live Preview mode, so you can watch as your photo develops right before your eyes. It's truly a unique a powerful tool that we hope you will all love!

  Nexus 5, Auto, Light Painting exposure   1s

Nexus 5, Auto, Light Painting exposure 1s

ProShot v2.0 for Android Now Available!

This is such an exciting release for us, and it is one that truly demonstrates our commitment to making ProShot the most advanced camera app in the world. ProShot v2.0 for Android adds 4K video support, a live histogram, improves shot-to-shot time, and brings many other features and improvements. For more information, please see our change log. These are exciting times to be a photographer!

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