• Added support for switching between lenses on dual lens phones (such as LG V30)
  • Added focal length info to viewfinder
  • Remapped AE lock to a long-press on the screen
  • Bug fixes for Light Painting and Histogram
  • UI polish
  • Several internal fixes


  • Bug fixes for GPS timestamp and several other small issues


  • Added burst when holding camera button
  • Fixed issue where photos had timestamp of 1970
  • Image quality and speed improvements
  • Several bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused app to freeze or crash on startup
  • Improved focus performance under certain lighting conditions
  • Improved focus performance on older devices
  • Improved shot-to-shot time under certain lighting conditions
  • Faster startup
  • Performance and stability improvements throughout


  • Added Light Painting, completely new engine, 2X faster than before
  • Added support for 50, 60fps video up to 4K
  • Reduced CPU use by up to 20%
  • Various bug fixes


  • Complete app rewrite!
  • Completely redesigned UI
  • Up to 20% faster startup
  • Everything is faster and uses less memory
  • Added customizable theme
  • Added left hand support
  • Added Sony support
  • Added DNG thumbnails (Android 7.1+)
  • Added lock screen support
  • Fixed text scaling issues
  • Fixed video issues
  • Fixed SD card support
  • Tons of other bug fixes and feature enhancements
  • Android 6.0 and higher is now required


  • New focus dial
  • Faster image processing
  • Fixed camera roll bug where images were not appearing
  • Shutter preview now disabled by default (user feedback, you can turn it on in the Settings menu)
  • Fixed focusing issues on certain devices, as well as focus issues when in manual mode (due to a bug in Android, C-AF still may not work 100% of the time. See:
  • Fixed long shutter speed issue on some devices
  • Fixed bug with real-time ISO / shutter info
  • Fix issue with DNG orientation when exporting to apps like Photoshop Express
  • Fixed various other bugs


  • Added 4K timelapse video (on supported devices)
  • Add real time aperture, ISO, and shutter info (on supported devices)
  • New exposure lock function (tap the AE button to activate)
  • Focus target now draggable
  • You can now drag the exposure target separate from the focus point (tap to reset)
  • Added lock screen / power button shortcut support
  • New Light Painting algorithm
  • Improved image processing speed
  • Improved image browsing speed
  • Startup time faster
  • UI polish, more efficient
  • Fixed bug where viewfinder zoomed in during video
  • Fixed bug where viewfinder wasn’t scrolled properly
  • Fixed some image rotation issues


  • Bracketing now compatible with all devices
  • New button in bracketing menu controls speed. Try S1 for greatest compatibility
  • Camera roll bug fix
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Added exposure, ISO, and shutter bracketing types
  • Improved performance and stability when histogram is off
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed burst mode
  • Increased max video bitrate
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Light Painting mode, and it's awesome
  • Added compatibility for Android 5.0 devices
  • Added audio mic levels while taking video
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved camera roll and performance
  • Improved image processing speed
  • Improved audio quality for video
  • Improved rotation handling
  • Fixed image quality bug on Samsung devices
  • Updated for Android 6.0


  • Added option to select image resolution
  • Added shutter speed preview option (full manual mode only)
  • Improved UI performance
  • Improved image processing performance
  • Improved histogram efficiency
  • Fixed histogram on Galaxy S6
  • Fixed 4K and other video bugs
  • Fixed viewfinder flash on certain devices
  • Fixed issues when saving / deleting from SD card


  • Added 4K video
  • Added live histogram
  • Added dedicated video button
  • Added OIS control
  • Expanded bracketing options
  • Improved shot-to-shot time
  • Significant optimizations to UI, camera roll, and memory usage
  • ew and improved focus code
  • Fixed front camera bug on Nexus 6
  • Fixed exposure bracketing bug, works with JPEG, RAW, and JPEG+RAW
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements


  • Added noise reduction options (see Settings menu)
  • Fixed 12/24h timestamp bug


  • Added SD card support (see Settings menu)
  • Added German localization
  • Bug fixes


  • HUGE image quality improvements for all devices
  • Added JPEG quality level option (see Settings menu)
  • Bug fix for devices with optical image stabilization
  • UI adjustments
  • Updated online manual
  • Due to international laws, a shutter sound was added. If allowed by your country, this value can be changed in the Settings menu


  • Added HDR, Night, and Action scene modes
  • Added video stabilization
  • Further fixes to viewfinder flash on certain devices


  • Fixed AF bugs on certain devices
  • Possible fix to screen flashing after taking a pic on some devices
  • Fixed screen / auto brightness bug
  • Fixed bug where photos were appearing in the wrong date in Google’s Photos app
  • Fixed camera roll bug
  • Bug fixes to rotation


  • Fixed RAW / FFC bug
  • Fixed bugs with Nexus 6, removed Exposure Bracketing until issues can be worked out
  • If you have a Nexus 6 please reinstall ProShot


  • Fixed startup and Level bugs


  • Added full screen shutter in selfie mode
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release! :D



  • New Camera UI
  • New Camera Roll UI
  • Added button to settings panel to reset UI color


  • Updated image capture pipeline for iOS10
  • Added support for RAW/DNG. Compatible devices can now shoot in JPEG, RAW and RAW+JPEG
  • RAW can be used with Normal, BKT (bracket) and burst modes
  • Added RAW support to ProShot’s camera roll
  • Added support for wide color capture
  • Added audio input level meter during video capture
  • Made UI buttons bigger and easier to press
  • Fixed bug where timelapse videos wouldn’t save
  • Fixed bug where front camera image might be blank
  • Many other small UI tweaks and bug fixes


  • Brand new camera roll with updated UI, RGB + Luma histogram
  • Added video bitrate info to EXIF
  • Increased manual WB range to 2250-9000K
  • Added workaround for timelapse video issues affecting some devices
  • Fixed a few video bugs
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


  • Updated UI for better visibility and usability
  • Dozens of small improvements
  • Fixed all known bugs


  • Added a new AE lock feature (tap the new AE button)
  • Focus and exposure targets can now be dragged anywhere on the screen (tap them to reset)
  • The button next to the main camera button now takes still photos during video
  • Improved auto ISO and auto shutter algorithm (faster, more reliable, stable)
  • Fixed volume shutter bug
  • UI improvements and various bug fixes


  • New camera roll, integrated into the viewfinder for faster workflow
  • Added Light Painting mode, with innovative Live Preview, 2 unique submodes
  • Added bracketing modes for exposure, ISO, and shutter
  • Added bracketing frame count option
  • Added 4K video (on supported devices)
  • Added 4K timelapse (on supported devices)
  • Added full manual controls to front camera
  • Added support for retina flash on front camera
  • Added video shortcut button
  • Added a toggle for GPS
  • Added a toggle for UI sounds
  • Added toggle to video stabilization
  • Added toggle for image stabilization (on supported devices)
  • Added a battery indicator
  • Increased timelapse video quality, up to 100 Mbits/s
  • Major improvements to UI and UX - zoom, controls, everything
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added support for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Added 1/25s shutter
  • Several bug fixes, including a bug where date / time wasn't being added to the EXIF


  • Added URL Scheme for URL Launchers (for devs out there, the URL is proshot://).
  • Due to issues on some devices, Volume Shutter is now disabled by default. To turn it on, please go to the Settings menu.


  • Added time-lapse video, with full manual controls & aspect ratios
  • Added volume button shutter
  • Can use volume button to snap still images during video recording
  • Added more detailed info to EXIF
  • Added discrete steps to the manual white balance slider
  • Improved night time performance when using ISO priority in P mode
  • Improved visibility of level gauge
  • UI now rotates properly when orientation lock is enabled
  • Many, many UI/UX improvements
  • Bug fixes to image and video orientation when orientation lock is enabled
  • Bug fix to keep screen on during time-lapse
  • Bug fix to torch slider
  • Bug fix to improve stability when switching between shooting modes
  • New default theme color for spring (tap the color bar above the color wheel in the settings menu to set it)


  • Added 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios with full EXIF metadata
  • Added zero-lag bracket exposure (found in “Normal” drive mode menu)
  • Added advanced video capabilities: configurable video resolutions and frame rates with industry-standard options for the 180 degree rule, as well as up to 240fps slow motion video on compatible devices
  • Added a light meter (just above the exposure compensation dial)
  • Added 3D level gauge with 5 different modes
  • Added torch option with intensity slider (in the flash menu)
  • Added universal media share and file size info in camera roll
  • Added double-tap gesture to quick select a camera setting and close the menu
  • Added higher ISO options (depending on video frame rate mode selected)
  • New dynamic buffer system allows for rapid hi-res shooting at any aspect ratio
  • Burst from any camera mode or drive mode, just hold the camera button
  • Improved iPad compatibility
  • UI/UX improvements
  • “hi” burst mode option now full res
  • New live tutorial
  • New default accent color
  • Added Japanese and Korean localization
  • Extremely optimized and energy efficient
  • Several bug fixes


  • Removed volume button functionality due to compatibility issues (we hope to add it back soon)
  • Bug fix to MF assist on certain devices


  • Added support for iPad
  • Can now take a picture with the volume button
  • Fixed GPS bug
  • UI tweaks
  • Added feedback link


  • Bug fixes to intro screen and MF assist


  • Initial release! :D



  • Fixed video button bug
  • Several minor bug fixes and UI improvements


  • New UI, redesigned and optimized
  • Added Black and White mode
  • HDR modes are now free
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Fixed a crash that happened if your region uses commas in long numbers (so sorry it took so long, this was a weird bug!)
  • Fixed 1/4000s shutter speed crash
  • Fixed some UI and UX bugs
  • Fixed a bug where some settings weren't applied when starting app
  • Fixed an EXIF bug


  • ProShot now adjusts exposure based on where you tap to focus
  • Fixed an error that sometimes happened when saving photos
  • Fixed a bug with the self timer
  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Hopefully fixed the 4K bug on Lumia 930. If not then it might be an API issue and we'll ask Microsoft


  • Fixed ISO 100 bug
  • Fixed GPS bug
  • Fixed AF assist light crash bug


  • Added Light Painting (beta) *** requires build 14393.103 or higher ***
  • Added AF assist lamp setting in the Flash menu
  • Fixed bug where ISO 100 wasn't appearing
  • Fixed bug where sharpness setting was ignored
  • Fixed 1:1 aspect ratio bugs
  • UI and UX improvements to make ProShot easier to use
  • By popular request added a donation page (press the 🎉 icon in the Settings menu. Thank you everyone!)


  • Added "Light" option to the Flash menu for always-on photo & video light
  • Fixed a resolution bug on Lumia 640XL
  • Pictures now save to the Camera Roll folder rather than the Pictures folder


  • Initial release! :D